Microsoft has presented a new Media Player in Windows 11 with a better look, where this media player brings together two applications, namely Grove Music and Movies and TV, besides that there are also a number of new features that are presented, including the ability to Can Play Audio CDs.

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Now regarding this application, did you know that in the Windows 10 Insider Release Preview, Microsoft has started gradually rolling out this application for Insider users.

To get the new Media Player application yourself, you must at least use Windows 10 Insider Release Preview with Build 19042, then you can update the Media Player application to 11.2209.30.0 or later.

Image via: Neowin

After you update Media Player to that version, keep in mind that Groove Music has now been replaced and is no longer available on your system, guys.

If by chance you haven’t got this new application in the Microsoft Store, you can download the installer manually with the following steps:

Step 1. First you enter the page https://store.rg-adguard.net/.

Step 2. Then on that page, please change the UTL (link) to ProductId, and enter it 9WZDNRFJ3PTmake sure the release is in the RP position for the Release Preview.

Step 3. Then downloads Microsoft.ZuneMusic_11.2209.30.0_neutral_~_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle.

Step 4. Finally, after you download the file, please install it as usual, and it’s done.

So do you like this new Media Player? or do you prefer to use another Alternative Media Player? comment below guys.

via: Neowin, DeskModder


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