At the beginning of October 2022, there was a controversial hot piece of information for Youtube users, where Youtube videos with 4K resolution will be reported specifically for Premium users only.

Of course hearing the news, there are pros and cons that occur among users, where Premium users of course agree because it will add to the impression that premium is more valuable than regular users, but behind that, this is certainly unfair to non-premium users especially if they use monitors and specifications that support 4K and above.

Regarding this, because there seems to be controversy among users, Youtube via its official Twitter account announced that they have stopped testing the feature, and users can still enjoy 4K quality without having to subscribe to Youtube Premium.

Now with this, of course for us regular customers, we can still enjoy videos with 4K quality without having to pay for a Youtube Premium subscription, and of course this is very good.

What do you think? Comment your opinion below guys.

Via : Youtube (Twitter)


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