As previously reported, GPT-4 Officially Released by OpenAI Presents Text Image Support and More and of course at the same time Bing Chat which uses the same technology as ChatGPT also gets the same improvement, where Bing Chat now runs on version GPT-4 which is certainly better than before.

About Bing Chat: Up Again, Bing Chat Now Gets a Limit of Up to 150 Chats / Day

This was revealed by Yusuf Mehdi himself through his Twitter account, where Yusuf confirmed that Bing is now running on GPT-4 which Microsoft has customized to suit Bing Chat.

Even so, unfortunately there is no other information besides saying that GPT-4 for Bing Chat has been “adjusted for search”, will Bing Chat also get the Text Image feature?, it is still a question considering that this feature is currently limited to ChatGPT Plus and more again that Bing Chat is still in its testing period.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

Via: Yusuf Mehdi (Twitter)


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