Little information, in 2022 Google extended their contract with Firefox in order to keep Google Search as default search engine from the browser.

And regarding this news, there is one interesting thing that was recently reported by the site the informations where according to their sources, apparently senior executive from Microsoft interested in making a deal with Mozilla this year, where they will try to take a gap from the contract period which is almost ending to replace Google Search as the default search engine in Firefox.

Even though Firefox users can be said to be not too many when compared to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium, in fact there are still many loyal Firefox users who still use this browser as their main browser, even Firefox is present as an application by default. preinstalled in a number linux distribution.

And if later the contract between Google and Firefox ends, it is possible that Microsoft will take over the position of Google Search and replace it with Bing as the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox.

But will Google stay silent and not extend their contract? We’ll see if at the end of the year Google Search will still survive or will it be replaced by Bing?

What do you think? will Google extend their contract? Comment below and give your thoughts and opinions, guys.

via: The Informations, Neowin


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