Today Microsoft has release browser Microsoft Edge Chromium 112 or rather version 112.0.1722.34where in this latest version, Microsoft presents a number of improvements to security, user experience and configuration policy.

One of the security enhancements that is the highlight of this version is the presence of WebAssembly support for ARM64, which is now available on both x64 Windows, x64 Mac, x64 Linux, and ARM64, with this support, it is hoped that users can browse websites more easily. safe again.

In addition, there are a number of additions to the policy configuration, where the WebAppInstallForceList has been present which allows administrators to configure the list of WebApps installed automatically. silent without any User Interactions.

So, for more details, you can read the page release note following. But overall the capabilities presented are not too influential for users who only rely on the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser for daily browsing tools.

But keep in mind that this update also contains a number of improvements which unfortunately were not mentioned and not explained in detail by Microsoft.

via: Microsoft


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