Hp Support Assistant is an important application for HP device users, where with this application users can easily install important firmware and software provided by HP, including users can also run basic troubleshooting, check performance and more.

Now regarding the HP Support Assistant, it was recently reported that there is an security vulnerability in this application, where this could lead to privilege escalation using method Hijacking DLL. HP’s own party has set the level vulnerability this as high severity with a baseline CVSS v3.1 score of 8.2.

In its security bulletin HP explains:

HP Support Assistant uses HP Performance Tune-up as a diagnostic tool. HP Support Assistant uses Fusion to launch HP Performance Tune-up. It is possible for an attacker to exploit the DLL hijacking vulnerability and elevate privileges when Fusion launches the HP Performance Tune-up.

In addition to official pageHP also lists vulnerable versions of the app that users should avoid.

  • HP Support Assistant under version 9.11
  • Fusion under version 1.38.2601.0

So with that, for you HP device users, if you have the HP Support Assistant application, it’s a good idea to update the application immediately.

You can download the application on the page following.



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