It’s not just about the Pixel 6a, at the event Google surprised us in an unexpected way. Where they deliberately give us a little leak regarding what devices they will release at the Made by Google event in October.

For those of you who didn’t watch the show, here are the devices that DroidPoin means:

1. Pixel 7 series

For this one device, we might have expected it and it is almost certain that Google will release it in October. It’s just that, leaks of information related to this device are still very minimal and we finally know directly from Google related to some key things from the device.

The first change, of course, is the brain of this device, where Google says that the Pixel 7 series will come with a second generation Tensor chip which has more powerful AI and not only that, the camera module of this device is now made of polished aluminum that blends into the interior of the device. framesso that it gives a more luxurious and integrated impression.

The Pixel 7 will be equipped with a dual main camera, while the Pixel 7 Pro will be equipped with a triple main camera. Unfortunately, DroidPoin did not get details related to the specifications and camera features embedded by Google in the device.

2. Pixel Watch

Along with the release of the Pixel 7 series, Google is also planning to release its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, and again the renders leaked some time ago are accurate. This smartwatch has a rounded design similar to the latest Galaxy Watch and will come with integration from Fitbit — yes because Google is the owner of Fitbit.

That way, you’ll get fitness tracking with Active Zone Minutes, stats, progress, and personal fitness goals — including continuous heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking powered by Fitbit.

3. Pixel Tablet

Finally there is something surprising present — this is because there has been no leaked info at all regarding this one device. Yups, that’s right, it’s an Android tablet from Google that seems to be called the Pixel Tablet.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info that DroidPoin can convey regarding this one device except the design part which you can see for yourself and you need to know, there is a possibility that the release of this tablet will be delayed to next year due to unknown reasons as well.

So, which device do you think is the most interesting? Say it directly in the comments column!


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