Mark Mode or Keyboard Selections in Windows Terminal has finally begun to be presented by Microsoft, where starting in Windows Terminal 1.15, users can now select all text and mark it with the CTRL + SHIFT + M combination key.

Well besides that in this version there are also a number of new features related to this Keyboard Selections including:

Terminal Keyboard Selection
  • markMode – enter or leave mark mode.
  • toggleBlockSelection – activate a block selection
  • switchSelectionEndpoint – When modifying a selection using the keyboard, you are moving one end of the selection around. This action switches focus to the other selection marker.

Now, with the Marking that the user has marked in the Windows Terminal, the user can select and navigate faster, only relying on the part scroll mark as in the image below.

But friends, even so, some of these features still need to be activated manually, and the classic way to activate them is by editing the JSON file from Windows Terminal and entering the following configuration:

// actions
        { "keys": "ctrl+up", "command": { "action": "scrollToMark", "direction": "previous" }, "name": "Previous mark" },
        { "keys": "ctrl+down", "command": { "action": "scrollToMark", "direction": "next" }, "name": "Next mark" },
        { "keys": "ctrl+pgup", "command": { "action": "scrollToMark", "direction": "first" }, "name": "First mark" },
        { "keys": "ctrl+pgdn", "command": { "action": "scrollToMark", "direction": "last" }, "name": "Last mark" },
        { "command": { "action": "addMark" } },
        { "command": { "action": "addMark", "color": "#ff00ff" } },
        { "command": { "action": "addMark", "color": "#0000ff" } },
        { "command": { "action": "clearAllMarks" } },

// profiles.defaults
        "experimental.autoMarkPrompts": true,
        "experimental.showMarksOnScrollbar": true,

Well in general, this feature will certainly be quite useful for developers who really work with Windows Terminal, because with it users can easily navigate and mark which part of the text to be selected faster than before.

What do you think?, comment below guys.

And if you’re interested, you can learn about it on the Microsoft page following.


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