For PowerToys users, there may have been quite a few who have started switching to Windows 11, but unfortunately in version 0.59 yesterday, it was still clear that Windows 11 OS compatibility with PowerToys was still not perfect and still felt laggy to use.

Moreover, most of the main features of PowerToys such as FancyZones, PowerToys Run, and others are still not stable enough to use in Windows 11.

But friends, some time ago Microsoft has released a new PowerToys version with version 0.60, where in this version, there are many updates including improvements to PowerToys compatibility with Windows 11.

If you’re curious, here is the changelog of PowerToys 0.60:

  • PowerRename and Image Resizer items are now visible in the modern context menu on Windows 11.
  • PowerToys Run includes a plugin for OneNote.
  • FancyZones uses a new zone identification with monitor Id to increase stability and avoid zone resets.
  • AlwaysOnTop now uses rounded corners for highlighting rounded windows on Windows 11.
  • Added settings to PowerToys Run to better control the query results order.

Apart from that there are also other important fixes which include:

  • FancyZones: Fixed a bug where windows shown on all desktops were not working with FancyZones.
  • FancyZones: Fixed proper canvas layout rendering in FancyZones Editor and the unscaled monitor resolution is now shown.
  • FancyZones: Fixed an issue with transparency in certain windows causing the window to go blank.
  • The Mouse Pointer Crosshairs default activation shortcut was changed to not collide with a special character combination on some international keyboards.
  • PowerRename: Fixed the file enumeration logic to only change enumerations at the end of the file name.
  • PowerRename: Clicking on regex/date and time cheat sheet appends that item to the selected search or replace text field.
  • PowerToys Run: Fixed default Web Browser detection.
  • PowerToys Run: The Program plugin can now search .lnk shortcuts by their executable name

Well, as noted in the changelog above, now in the Windows 11 Context Menu, the menu PowerRename and Image Resizer already available in the Context menu and users can select and use normally.

Of course this is an improvement for PowerToys, because it can also be said that the Context Menu of Windows 11 is more complex and more modern, and it would be a shame if this application itself does not have the best compatibility for the latest OS Windows 11.

If you’re interested, you can download PowerToys 0.60 on the gitHub page following.


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