Previously we already know that in Windows 11 Insider Build 25281 Microsoft has started changing the UI appearance of the activation window, where it now looks more consistent with the Windows 11 style instead still carrying the older Windows 10 style.

Regarding this, it turns out that the Windows Activations Troubleshooting section also seems to be being prepared to get a similar appearance, which is based on a report from Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth, by activating ID 42739793 on the latest Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, the appearance of Windows Activations Troubleshooting will also change with the same style .

For those of you who want to try, you can use the command vivetool /enable /id:42739793 in the ViveTool app which you can get from GitHub.

Old view (current)
New look (planned)

Now with this, of course users who later have purchased a Windows 11 license and will enter the license on the Settings page, will get an activation view that is more consistent with the style of Windows 11 itself.

In the future, of course, there will be many other things that change with the more modern style of Windows 11, considering that Windows 10 itself seems to have been abandoned by Microsoft and will no longer get new features in it.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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