Some time ago, in the latest report Statcounterit seems that last July, Microsoft Edge has started to get another surge of users, where now Edge users have almost reached 11% Market Share.

That’s a good 0.2% of the data as of June 2022, which is about 10.84% ​​according to a report from Statcounter. Well, if you’re curious about the report itself, you can see it on the page following.

But let’s discuss why the number can go up?, if in my opinion, the number increases is because the number of Windows 11 users also increases, and because Windows 11 brings Microsoft Edge Chromium by default, and in the Initial Release of Windows 11 21H2, the browser default is somewhat hard to change, so obviously, it will increase the number of Microsoft Edge Chromium users as well.

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And when compared to the initial release of Microsoft Edge Chromium, in the past, users of this browser increased quite dramatically, this is because Microsoft Edge Chromium was an alternative browser to Google Chrome with a number of advantages, not like now which works like EdgeOS with many features that users don’t want.

Well in the future, maybe it was previously reported by WinPoin and other media that Microsoft Edge could get the number one position as the most widely used browser, but it seems that if it continues like this, Google Chrome will still stay at number one, because once again, Instead, Google Chrome, which was rumored to be very RAM-hungry, is even simpler than Microsoft Edge Chromium.

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Via : Statcounter, Neowin


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