On 25 July 2022, the Indonesian Stock Exchange conducted a key assessment of various indices, including the LQ45 index. stock index It consists of companies with good fundamentals and good liquidity. Received a critical evaluation during August 2022-January 2023

Based on the key valuation results, there are 3 stocks exiting and 3 stocks entering. This indicates that IDX is constantly updating its index data. including the index blue chip stock This. Out of these 45 good stocks, which one is the best? Check out the following discussion.

1. PT Semen Indonesia Tbk (SMGR)

According to Kanaka Hita Solvera, as reported in cash, PT Semen Indonesia is one of the undervalued shares of LQ45 members. In fact, the company’s shares, formerly known as Semen Gresik, were sold at a price of more than 12,000 per share, roughly twice the current price.

Also, the main reason SMGR stock is a good buy at this time. This is because real estate development projects in Indonesia are starting to recover after COVID-19. It should be remembered that SMGR is a manufacturer of building materials such as cement and concrete. Therefore, if the number of construction increases The demand for building materials will also increase.

2. PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk (WIKA)

If SMGR is a building material company, WIKA is a company that processes these building materials into finished products. So, the reason WIKA stock is a good buy today is the same as the reason for point 1 above. One of the projects WIKA completed this year was the construction of the new Clarin Bridge in the Philippines.

Another reason WIKA stock is one of the best stocks right now is because construction company stock It still sells for around 1000 rupiah per share. This makes it suitable for novice investors.

3. PT Harum Energy Tbk (HRUM)

PT Harum Energy Tbk is a member company of LQ45 which operates in coal mining and trading. HRUM’s share price and earnings are expected to continue rising in line with rising global coal prices due to the following factors:

  1. Rising coal demand in line with global economic recovery after COVID-19
  2. China, as the world’s largest consumer of coal, is poised to lift its ban on Australian coal due to high energy demand in the bamboo curtain country and a ban on imports from Russia.
  3. The Russo-Ukrainian War That Caused an Energy Crisis in Europe

4. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (INDF)

Indonesia is the world’s second largest consumer of instant noodles in the world after China + Hong Kong in 2021, according to reports. CNNInstant noodle consumption in the country reached 12.6 billion packets that year, about 70% of that amount, or about 8 billion, from the Indomie brand.

This means that INDF and ICBP businesses will remain relatively stable over the next few years. Although there are rumors that wheat prices (raw materials for making noodles) will increase due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which is likely to escalate. Price of instant noodles.

like Other consumer goods stocksINDF has a long-term stable business profile.

5. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI)

The next best LQ45 stock comes from one of the oldest banks in Indonesia: Bank BRI is one of the The largest bank stocksBRI’s business development is expected to improve as the country’s economy improves after COVID-19.

In addition, in recent years, BRI has made several important changes, such as releasing BRI Syariah to Bank Syariah Indonesia, acquiring Danareksa as BRI’s line of investment, and collaborating with PT PNM Mandiri and Pegadaian to Established Ultra Micro Holding (UMi). In addition to developing investment and digital banking in Indonesia, BRI can’t be any better.

6. PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY)

One of the newcomers to the LQ45 index during this period is PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY). This is not without reason. INDY is a company dealing with mining coal production. Distributed to trade this commodity abroad. Therefore, if the price of coal in the world market rises The company’s earning potential will also increase.

However, the company is still trying to strengthen its business line outside of coal mines. The goal is for this line of revenue to grow by 50% by 2025. One way is electric motor manufacturing, which aims to sell as many as 3.2 million units by 2035.

7. PT Bank Jago Tbk (ARTO)

Bank Jago is undeniably one of the leaders in the Indonesian digital banking industry. As a digital bank, Bank Jago doesn’t have many branch offices. But the services that banks provide are as complete as other banking companies. Even the Jago app has a Jago Pocket feature that supports individual financial management.

To support its business, Bank Jago also collaborates with parties such as investment applications. The company’s business development opportunities will inevitably depend on the future development of the digital banking industry in Indonesia.

8. PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk

Other financial companies Included in the list of blue-chip stocks from LQ45 that you should consider are those issued by Bank BSI. Bank, the result of the merger of three Islamic banking conglomerates: Bank Syariah Mandiri, BNI Syariah and BRI Syariah recently. has been established

his status which is state bank stock As well as merging fractions from other banks, the potential of this company is even greater.

9. PT Adaro Energy Indonesia TBK

The ninth blue chip stock recommendation comes from PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk, a company with stock code ADRO is one of the largest coal mining companies in Indonesia. Adaro’s share price and earnings are also expected to increase in line with rising global commodity prices.

10. PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk

COVID-19 has not only inhibited the economic growth of the country and the world. but also accelerating the adaptation of digital technology PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) It is one of the vanguards in this digital adaptation.

Many integrated digital page and application management companies include RCTI+, Okezone.com, Sindonews.com, iNews.id, IDXChannel.com (with IDX), Celebrities.id, Sportstars.id and Roov expects this digital platform to develop positively in parallel with the development of digital entertainment formats in Indonesia.


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