Maybe I have discussed this problem several times in separate articles, where since Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.891, startup items in Task Manager it doesn’t display any list of applications, and even though it’s been fixed, up to Build 22623.1037 the problem still persists.

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But friends, there is good news, where in the latest update for Windows Insider Beta and Dev Channel users, finally the problem has been successfully resolved by Microsoft, where if you pay attention now startup items has displayed the list of applications correctly both applications from Microsoft Store and Win32 applications.

Previously on Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.1037
Currently on Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.1095

Apart from that, it is still related to problems in the Task Manager, if previously the Task Manager sometimes did not display themes light/dark mode correctly, now it seems that the problem has also been resolved, and there is one interesting feature, where you can now access Search in the Task Manager by using the CTRL + F combination key, try it.

So, my friends, basically, if you previously encountered the problem that I feel, it’s better if you immediately update your system to the latest Insider Build, because there are many improvements there, for the WinPoin changelog, I have summarized it in two separate articles before, so make sure you read that too yes.

Oh yeah, of the four bugs that I felt and wrote about at the moment This article, unfortunately only this Startup Item problem has been fixed, while the rest are still there, and did you also encounter these problems? comment below guys.


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