Just like in Windows 10, the Start Menu in Windows 11 is also very customizableyou can pin applications and in the latest version you can group the applications you pinned there.

But have you ever encountered a case where you want to find the Windows 11 start menu with the default layout?, if so, then of course you have to do a reset on the Windows 11 Start Menu.

And friends, the method itself is not too difficult, where you only need to do the following short steps.

How to Reset Start Menu Layout in Windows 11

Step 1. Open Windows Terminal run as Administrator.

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Step 2. Next, please enter the following command:

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.StartMenuExperienceHost | Reset-AppxPackage

Click Enter, and let the process run as it should.

And done, now the Windows 11 Start Menu has returned to the default Windows 11 default layout.

Of course, if there is a default application that you have deleted, the icon in the Start Menu will show a download icon as shown above, and you can click to start downloading the application that should be there.

Please try guys, it’s really easy isn’t it.


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