OneNote from Microsoft is indeed a quite popular note-taking application, because apart from being available on almost all operating systems, OneNote has many useful features for users to use, one of which is Pen and Gesture support which are quite powerful for a notes management application.

Regarding OneNote, did you know that in the latest OneNote Beta version, users can activate the option “Enable the scratch-out gesture while inking” on the page File > Options > Advanced > Pen, where with this option activated, to delete notes that have been written, users can simply cross them out as shown in the following figure.

Now this option itself is present in OneNote Beta version 2304 with build number 16322.10000 or later, where of course with this option users no longer need to bother replacing the pointer with an eraser just to erase a streak and writing in OneNote, besides that this option will be very useful for users who are actively using the Pen on their device.

With the presence of this option itself, this will make gestures and pen performance really faster and natural, because it is enough to cross out in a zig zag manner on the desired text ink, the text will be automatically deleted immediately.

Do you like it? comment below guys and are you a OneNote user too? You can give your opinion in the comments column below.

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