If you are a Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev Channel user, you may have noticed that your browser version has changed to 103.0.1264.2did you know that in that version, Microsoft added a number of new features, before this Edge Dev version changed to version 104?

Some of the new features include:

  • Added features to drag the create tab group feature by default.
  • Added features to Polices for Mobile.
  • Added features so that a new language is added to preferred language list, Expanded the spellcheck language so that the state and level of support is advertised.
  • Added features to Make Editor languages ​​be enabled by default when adding new languages ​​to accept languages ​​list.
    • Made enhanced spellcheck state coordinated with basic spellcheck state and vice versa. User toggle on/off spellcheck in one should also cause the other to be toggled on/off.
    • Fixed existing broken state where a language can have its basic spellcheck. Turned on but its enhanced spellcheck turned off.

The most interesting of course is the ability to drag for features create tab groupp which is useful for many people.

Apart from the added features as you can see in the list above, there are also a number of fixes and improvements to this browser, which include:

  • Improved reliability by refreshing token for MS Rewards POST.
  • Improved reliability that manages null properly.
  • Improved reliability with new illustrations for defaults screen in Browser.
  • Improved reliability by formatting Edge contributions in the Browser folder.
  • Improved reliability of Microsoft browser process on launch.
  • Improved reliability by enabling feedback prompt.
  • Improved reliability of translator in one Go on Mobile.
  • Improved performance of battery saver icon.
  • Improved reliability by removing redundant resources for pdf viewer and print viewer.
  • Improved reliability to update the style and layout to get a good layout state.
  • Improved reliability on Accessibility features.
  • Improved reliability of Mobile smart screens.
  • Improved reliability by fixing interface and updating Mobile.
  • Improved reliability for this MSB flighting feature being turned on by default so that we can rely on service driven experimentation to power our enterprise Edge features through all the channels.
  • Improved policy by only allowing required trusted types in Browser.
  • Improved reliability due to Narrator announcing an intentional white space. The white space was unnecessary, so it has been removed and narrator has stopped announcing it.
  • Improved reliability to Keep spellcheck languages ​​expanded by default when adding new ones so that the state and level of support is advertised.
  • Changed behavior fixing multilanguage in Browser by not showing missed words for Editor-supported languages.
  • Changed behavior due to multiple things being duplicated by incorrect merge resolutions.
  • Changed Browser tasks shutdown behavior.
  • Changed behavior by sending images info in JPG format to Web Bing.
  • Changed behavior to move alerts & tips to “help & feedback.
  • Changed behavior by changing reconciles with an upstream change because there is no longer any need to call a V8 API to enable the desired functionality.
  • Changed behavior in Mobile by adding/correcting triggers and tags for writing assistant feature experiment.

How can there be enough, right, starting next week, Edge Chromium Dev Channel will change to version 104, and with that version 103 will enter the Beta Channel version which is more stable to use.

You can download Microsoft Edge Chromium Insider on page following.


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