Leaks about the new Apple Silicon re-emerged. This time around the A16 and M2 chips that will be used in the latest iPhone, iPad and Mac computers in 2022.

This information was obtained from ShrimpApplePro. He is the same person who leaked information on previous Apple chips, such as the Apple M1 and A15 Bionic.

According to information from ShrimpApplePro, the Apple A16 chip will reportedly still use 5nm fabrication. Meanwhile, the M2 chip is predicted to jump straight into 3nm fabrication.

That means, the A16 chip will use the same fabrication as the A14 and A15. Only experienced improvements in some parts such as CPU, GPU and memory without using new fabrications.

Meanwhile, 3nm fabrication, which is predicted to be available in 2023, can actually arrive faster on M2, which will be released at the end of 2022.

If true, then there will be a significant increase in performance and efficiency when compared to the M1. That means Apple will be further away from Intel and AMD when it comes to Power-per-Watt.

via MacRumors


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