Telegram, one of my favorite applications for communicating, because besides this application is available in various ways platforms including Windows and Linux, there are a number of capabilities that are useful for me to use on a daily basis, including unique groups within.

Now regarding Telegram, maybe you have also received an update in the past few hours, where now Telegram has brought a number of cool improvements to this platform, which include Profile Picture Maker, where we can make stickers or animated emoji into profile picture both personal, group and channel.

However, this feature is currently limited to you premium Telegram users, guys. So you have to subscribe to Telegram Premium first to get this feature.

Next is ability Translating Entire Chatswhere else Telegram Premium users can now switch the language of all chats, both in groups or channels, where you can do this by pressing translate bar at the top.

In addition, there are also other abilities which include Emoji Categories where now stickers and emoji will be displayed and sorted by category.

Besides that, of course there are other things, which include Open in new Windows for Desktop users on Windows, Linux and Mac and also Media Permissions, where the group admin can set the type of media that other users can send in the group.

You can read the complete changelog on the following page, which includes:

  • Emoji Profile Pictures. Quickly create group and profile pictures from animated emoji and stickers with the new “Use an Emoji” option.
  • Emoji Categories. Filter stickers and emoji by categories like “love”, “cheers” or “sleeping” in the sticker and emoji tabs.
  • Chat Translate. As a Premium user, translate entire chats in real time as you scroll them or receive new messages.
  • Media Permissions in Groups. Control whether members of your groups can send 9 distinct media types – like Photos, Voice or Video Messages.
  • Select Chats for Bots. Bot developers can now let users quickly select groups, channels or contacts that meet predefined criteria (more in @BotNews).
  • Open in New Window. Open chats or additional accounts in separate windows.

A number of the improvements above are specifically for Telegram Premium users, but some of them have also been obtained by free Telegram users.

So, in general, this update itself has been presented automatically, but if not, you can simply update your Telegram application from the App Center operating system that you are using, where this update is also available on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows. .

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