Along with developing the Windows 11 operating system, which has now reached version 22H2 or 2022 Update, Microsoft is also expanding the support and integration of a number of their accessories, including the Surface Pen.

Now regarding the device, if you are a Surface Pro user who uses the Surface Pen to write and navigate, there is good news, because it turns out that in Windows 11 22H2, now the integration of the device with the Surface Pen is getting better.

The improvement, is a new feature that allows users to directly write quick notes in Microsoft OneNote by pressing the button on the Surface pen device.

This support is of course tied to Windows 11 22H2, but users will also need to update their OneNote app to version 2211 or later for this feature to work.

Well how? quite an interesting improvement, right?, comment below guys and give your opinion about this?

Via : Microsoft


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