Recently it was quite hotly discussed about a new application available in the Microsoft Store, where some old Windows OS users may already know the name, yep according to the title is Clippy.

But unlike the old Clippy that was present in Windows Xp, the new Clippy, which is not officially owned by Microsoft, uses AI technology in the GPT 3.5 model as the main way to get answers from the ChatGPT OpenAI chatbot.

According to the developer who developed it (FireCube Studios), users can pin / pin this Clippy on Desktop and access it to get fast AI answers directly.

Then apart from that, is Clippy suitable for users to use? the answer is of course, because currently Clippy Unofficial is available free of charge for users to use and even this application is an application open source which you can develop through the GitHub page following.

Now basically Clippy itself will act the same as Clippy which used to be present on the Windows XP system, which is to become a digital assistant that can help users, it’s just that now Clippy Unofficial is developed with the help of more sophisticated AI technology, where you can ask questions and get more answers. natural and more powerful like the ChatGPT chatbot.

Oh yes, Clippy Unofficial itself can be downloaded and used by users on Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can just download it from the Microsoft Store page. following.

And is this application interesting? let’s comment below if you like this application.

via: TechRadar


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