Some time ago I encountered a case where my SSD storage, which was only 256GB in size, was suddenly running low, after investigating, it turned out that the WhatsApp application that I downloaded via the Microsoft Store was actually the cause, where the data from the application even exceeded the Starwars Squadron games that I installed. .

Then what should you do if you encounter the same problem? Well, you can do the following:

Change Media Settings in WhatsApp App on Windows 11

Please open the WhatsApp application on Windows 11, then enter Settings > Storage, make sure there automatic downloads not all in the On position.

Delete Downloaded Media To Reduce Storage Burden

Next, please enter the following directory: C:UsersuserkamuAppDataLocalPackages5319275A.WhatsAppDesktop_cv1g1gvanyjgmLocalStatesharedtransfersThen delete all the folders that are there.

Note: The Directory name may be different, make sure you adjust it, but generally it is located at AppData > Local > Packages > Whatsapp > LocalState > Shared > Transfer.

After deletion, the data size of the Whatsapp application will no longer be huge, so the problem is resolved. Now for the tutorial itself, I have published it in video form, make sure you check it too.

Hope it is useful.


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