An interesting information from the application favorite users, namely WhatsApp, where according to WABetaInfo, in the latest WhatsApp beta version, there is a feature that allows users to edit messages that have been sent.

As seen in the image above, simply by selecting the message to edit and then pressing point three on the top of the app and there will be options edit.

This capability itself is reportedly present in Whatsapp Beta version, where there seems to be no limit to the number of times users can edit sent messages. However important to note that this capability is limited to the first 15 minutes after the message is sent, because if it has passed then the message will not be able to be changed again.

Features are still limited to a small number of users

In addition, according to information from WABetaInfo, this feature is still limited to a small number of Whatsapp Beta users, and certainly not available to all users.

This feature itself seems to be only available on the Android version, where there have been no reports of the same feature for iOS users. So try to comment below if you happen to get this feature.

This feature can be used!

Even though this feature will be very helpful if there is a typo message where we can immediately change it even after it is sent, of course this feature can be used for things that are not good and negative, like maybe bullying someone especially if that person tends to fast response in responding to messages they receive.

What do you think? Comment below guys, and let’s see the continuation of this feature in the future.

via: WaBetaInfo


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