On Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 25352 Microsoft has started rolling out a new enhancement to the Widget Picker experience in Windows 11.

Now regarding the new Picker Widget, it turns out that it looks exactly like the one on iPadOS and it even appears that the Windows 11 Picker Widget mimics the look that already existed on iPadOS, for example as shown in the following image.

Image : Neowin

Regarding the new Picker Widget in Windows 11, currently the new experience is still in the form of testing and the user must activate under the ID 43040593 using ViveTool, but what was quite surprising was that many users compared the new view to the Widget Picker view on iPadOS.

And although it’s not 100% similar, in appearance of course when compared to the Widget Picker in the current Windows 11 Stable, this new look does seem to mimic iPadOS, so what do you think? comment below guys.

Left (New) vs Right (old / current) via Neowin


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