In Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25300 which was released yesterday, we get an improved Snap Layout where now the Snap Layout view will change as shown in the following image.

However, it turns out that this feature is not available for all users, guys, for those who don’t happen to get this feature for free out of the box, we have to activate it manually via ViveTool as usual.

The steps to activate it yourself are quite easy, and regarding this, on this occasion, WinPoin will summarize the short steps.

Step 1. First, please download ViveTool on the GitHub page followingthen Extract ViveTool as usual.

Step 2. Next, please open Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the Directory where you extracted the ViveTool earlier.

Step 3. And if you are already in the ViveTool Directory, you can activate a number of variants of Snap Layout by using the following command:

vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:1
vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:2 
vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:3 

Now for these variants it is quite varied and you can set it according to what you want, Variant 1 is the old Snap Layout view with hover time which is slightly reduced, Variant 2 is a new Snap Layout labeled ‘Snap this window’ along with the Current App Icon, Variant 3 is the same as Variant 2 only the hover time is reduced.

After you select the variant by entering one of the three commands above, you can restart your Windows 11, and you will get the Snap Layout display as you have previously set.

Variant 1

So for those of you who want to try, you can do the steps above on Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25300, and maybe in the future this new feature will be presented by default, but let’s just see what it will be like in the future.

via: @PhantomOfEarth


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