As we know, when Windows 11 was released in 2021, it introduced a new feature called Chat which was available on the Taskbar. This feature itself is a feature that gives Windows 11 users an iMessage-like experience where users can easily connect to each other to make Video and Voice calls from PCs supported by Microsoft Teams.

But unfortunately this feature is not used by many users, it even seems as if users ignore this feature, even I myself hide chats from the Taskbar via the Settings page, so with that, it can be said that this feature is considered a failure, even by Microsoft.

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Long story short, after two years running, Microsoft has finally raised the white flag and plans to remove this feature from the operating system, guys. Now you can see this in Windows 11 Build 23481 which was released some time ago for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, where in that build Chat has been removed and replaced with Microsoft Teams which is now pinned by default on the Taskbar.

"Starting with his build, Chat is now Microsoft Teams – Free. Microsoft Teams – Free is pinned by default to the taskbar and can be unpinned like other apps on the taskbar. Stay tuned for more enhancements as we continue to enhance Microsoft Teams – Free with more features and improvements."

Well how about this? are you a user of this chat feature? really love isn’t it? I haven’t even used this feature myself, you know I just want to delete it.

Comment below guys and give your opinion about this.

via: Neowin, Microsoft


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