Currently every time you download a file from Microsoft Teams, the file will go to the folder regular download and of course if it is there, it will pile up with files that we have downloaded using other applications.

Responding to this issue and responding to user feedback, Microsoft on page Microsoft 365 Roadmap seems to be improving this, which is later download locations . folder from Microsoft Teams users will be able to change according to their wishes.

With this option, of course the user can set dedicated folders for Microsoft Teams, so that all the files users download from that app won’t pile up with files from other apps, which to be honest is quite a hassle.

Even so, unfortunately there is no detailed information on when this feature will start rolling out, but it’s been reported general availability will be available at the end of this May, and at the latest maybe not next June. But let’s just see how this feature in the future.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Neowin


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