Okay guys, as was rumored long ago, that Notepad will get the Tab feature, you can read articles about this on the following WinPoin page: Leaking! Microsoft Will Present Tab Feature in Notepad.

So as time went on, finally this feature was also released by Microsoft, to coincide with the announcement Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25281Microsoft also released Notepad version 11.2212.33.0 which brings the tab feature in it.

Because I was also curious, I finally tried to download the Notepad on Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.1180 which I’m currently using, and yes friends, I didn’t download it from the Microsoft Store, but from https://store.rg-adguard.net/ which provides installers of various applications available in the Microsoft Store.

If you are interested to try Notepad 11.2212.33.0, you can download it from the link following.

Tab Features in Notepad, Here’s My Experience!

OK, I’ve downloaded the installer and now I’ve installed it too, so far the app is running normally even if it’s not on the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, and here’s what Notepad looks like with the Tab feature in it.

So far I’ve tried, this feature is very similar to tabs in File Explorer or in Microsoft Edge Chromium, in fact behaviorit’s also the same, we can right-click to bring up the options new tab, closed tabs and close other tabs from the Context Menu.

Or even we can use the same key combination as in the Microsoft Edge tab or File Explorer, such as creating a new tab with CTRL + N, switching tabs with CTRL + TAB, and closing tabs with CTRL + W.

Overall, I really like this feature, because with one Notepad that I open, now I can open lots of notes in it, guys, that’s great anyway.

So apart from that even when we open multiple tabs, Process in Task Manager only displays one Notepad, so for now maybe the notepad process is not separated per tab.

This feature is really very good guys, and I really recommend you try this feature too, especially if you like and actively use Notepad on Windows 11.

So that’s all my brief review, what is certain is that this feature should have existed a long time ago. Thank you.


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