It doesn’t feel like Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023 next year, after which, this operating system won’t get any updates from Microsoft, even if it’s a security update.

Just like Windows 7, which was discontinued in 2020, a few months before the end of support, Windows 8.1 users will receive a notification about end of support The Windows 8.1.

Interestingly guys, Microsoft says that they don’t offer a free upgrade path from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 or Windows 11, thus users may need to purchase a new license for the latest version of Windows from Microsoft.

“We do not currently offer free upgrade paths from Windows 8.1 to either Windows 10 or Windows 11. If you want to purchase a copy of Windows 10 or Windows 11, please see links above or contact a retailer to find out about options. Note: the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is currently free. “

In addition, Microsoft also noted that Windows 8.1 users must buy a new device that supports Windows 10 or Windows 11, considering that a device running Windows 8.1 is designed with technology that is at least 10 years old.

“PCs originally built with Windows 8.1 are designed with technology that is about 10 years old. Once you move to a new PC, there will be many aspects of Windows that you will find familiar, but also with important software and hardware innovations and capabilities that were not available a decade ago.” Write Microsoft.

So are you still using Windows 8.1? or even Windows 8? comment below guys.

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