As we already know, Microsoft will change the WinUI 2 components to WinUI 3 in future versions of Windows, which has also been confirmed by the presence of one of the new features in File Explorer including the Gallery which will be present in the Navigation Panel (File Explorer). more precisely between Home and OneDrive.

This change was first discovered in Build 25272 Insider Dev Channel, and until recently that was on Build 25309users can still activate this new File Explorer.

And if you are the latest Windows Insider Dev user, and maybe you want to try using File Explorer based on WinUI 3, you can do the following steps:

Step 1. First, please download ViveTool from the GitHub page following.

Step 2. Then please you extract file that you have downloaded, then open Windows Powershell as Administrator and enter the Directory where the file that you have extracted is located.

Step 3. Then please enter the following commands sequentially.

.vivetool /enable /id:40729001
.vivetoolvivetool /enable /id:40731912
.vivetoolvivetool /enable /id:41969252
.vivetoolvivetool /enable /id:42922424

And if it’s finished, please reboot your Windows 11 and now File Explorer should have displayed a Pizza icon as a sign that File Explorer has used WinUI 3.

Now to activate the hidden Gallery feature, you can use the following command:

./vivetool /enable /id:41040327

For now, the new File Explorer is still in testing and may still have a lot of bugs, so don’t be weird if there are still glitches and some other weird things you might find.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.


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