Recently the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Ukraine has issued a warning about a malicious distribution campaign Fake windows updates via e-mail. Reportedly, this fake email is clearly dangerous and targets officials in Ukraine, but of course it does not rule out that other users outside the region are also free from this threat.

According to CERT, the perpetrator used the domain Outlook.com so that the email looks legitimate and the email subject is labeled Windows Update, apart from that this malicious campaign itself is reportedly carried out by the APT28 group which is classified as an Advanced Persistent Threat malware group from Russia which is sometimes also known as Fancy Bear, Pawn Storm, and others.

"During April 2023, the government computer emergency response team of Ukraine CERT-UA recorded cases of the distribution of e-mails with the subject "Windows Update" among government bodies of Ukraine, sent, apparently, on behalf of system administrators of departments. At the same time, e-mail addresses of senders created on the public service "@outlook.com" can be formed using the employee's real surname and initials."

This may still be the effect of the prolonged war between Russia and Ukraine where of course the two are fighting against each other either in the world of military or technology, and even though it is very unlikely that users in Indonesia will get an email containing this fake Windows Update, keep in mind that similar threats could be threatening because cases like this do not just happen once.

So what do you think? Have you ever received a similar email like this case? comment below guys.

via: CERT, Neowin


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