The strength of the connectivity (Wi-Fi) depends on how close your device is to the router. The further you go, the weaker the signal your device will receive. If you have multiple network devices at home, work or elsewhere, then you can set Windows to automatically connect to the strongest Wi-Fi network available in that place.

Therefore, pIn this article, WinPoin will explain a feature in Windows called Roaming Aggressiveness and also discusses related to the advantages and disadvantages.

So, what is Roaming Aggressiveness?

Roaming Aggressiveness is a feature that allows the computer to find another access point with a stronger signal. You can adjust the value to set how aggressively your device should browse or find a new access point with a better signal strength than the previously connected one.

Roaming Aggressiveness Level

In general, Windows has five types of levels Roaming Aggressiveness which you can choose.

When you set the value Roaming Aggressiveness to the highest position, the laptop or PC will try to make a better connection by searching for new access points more often, but this will drain the battery faster.

However, if you apply na lower value, it will keep your device tied to one access point, and you won’t have a chance to connect to another, more stable connection, unless you change it manually.

Therefore, balancing it on the computer is very important. This setting is more influenced by signal strength than your proximity to a particular router. So, if your Windows PC is close to a certain access point, but the signal strength of other access points is stronger, then more PCs will be connected to that access point.

How can Roaming Aggressiveness help you?

By activating this feature, you can eliminating the need to manually change the Wi-Fi connection every time you switch to another access point in order to get better signal strength. If you set it up correctly, your computer will automatically scan every time it moves from one location to another and make a better connection without manual input.

As a result, if the place you visit frequently has multiple access points, then you will continue to be connected to the Wi-Fi that has the best signal.

Disadvantages of Roaming Aggressiveness

Roaming Aggressiveness is a a handy setup for automatically connecting devices to a preferred network, but this feature has two drawbacks:

  1. If the network strength changes from time to time while you are working, it may result in your connection being constantly dropped as the device will always be looking for a new access point with a better signal.
  2. By constantly looking for a signal, there is a possibility that your laptop battery will drain quickly. So, make sure you bring a charger for an alternative.

That’s a little information related to Roaming Aggressiveness, for how to activate this feature WinPoin will discuss in the next article.


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