In accordance with the Microsoft Edge Chromium release schedule, Microsoft has recently updated Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev to the latest version 116 where in this version there are a number of improved features presented including some of which include:


- Fixed browser crash when clicking on the Share option from the Workspace Invite dialog.


- Fixed CoreWebView2Frame.ExecuteScriptAsync hangs forever if the frame's destroyed while script is executing (#3124)

Other changes and improvements:

- Re-added Reset sync data from Microsoft servers option for MSA.
- Clicking on URLs in saved passwords now opens in a new tab.
- Fixed erase button on the stylus pen not working in PDF.
- Fixed current members not listed in Workspace.
- Fixed PDF fillable form contains old values when starting a new session.
- Fixed unable to use the scrollbar when the mouse cursor is at the edge of the screen.


- Fixed Read aloud select and read not working.


- Fixed no scrolling possible at HTML input fields of type "time" and HTML Select (#3512)


- InPrivateModeAvailability policy now supports on iOS and Android.
- Fixed managed iOS devices can’t complete downloads to OneDrive.
- NewPDFReaderEnabled policy can now be used for WebView2.

Microsoft Edge Dev 116 itself is available on Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS, Linux and Android, where you can download the installer directly from the Microsoft page. following.

Although there is not much information about what new features are present in Microsoft Edge Dev 116, please note that this update brings a lot of improvements from the previous version, besides that this version will also start testing on Insider ETA starting July 18 2023 next month, will next launch to Channel Stable on August 10, 2023.

Are there any new interesting features in this version? comment below guys.


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