Apple once released a router product known as the Apple AirPort. Consists of several models. Starting from AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, to AirPort Time Capsule.

However, Apple is no longer selling any AirPort products, although it still provides software update support in the form of bug fixes and system improvements. Apple also still provides support for the AirPort Utility software on macOS.

Even though the router and home network industry is currently getting more sophisticated, the presence of a router made by Apple is actually quite awaited. Especially after Apple released the HomeKit smart home platform.

Now hope to see a new AirPort is back. In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission reveal interesting facts. Apple caught registering a new device type “Network Adapter”.

Apple Network Adapter Appears at FCC, Is It The New AirPort Router?

The device with the code A2657 will also run a custom OS based on iOS, equipped with a custom Apple Silicon chip, 32GB of storage and up to 1.5GB of RAM memory.

Some of the features related to networking and connectivity on this Apple Network Adapter are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, two Ethernet ports, NFC, and a USB-C port.

Even so, there has been no official response from Apple. No one knows also what this product looks like. Will it be the successor of Apple AirPort that supports HomeKit technology that many people have been waiting for?

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