Previously it was reported that Twitter would add an ‘official’ label specifically for blue tick users such as government accounts, public figures and others, this is because the blue tick is now available to everyone and of course there must be a difference between ordinary people and famous people or the government.

However, not yet 24 hours since its introduction, the ‘official’ label was removed again by Twitter, and regarding this, Elon Musk as Twitter’s current leader confirmed that they had removed it, ‘I killed it’ said Elon answering MKBHD’s question in his tweet.

Time has passed, now it seems that the ‘Official’ label is back, where a number of accounts seem to already have the label, for example the official Twitter account itself.

Apart from that, Coca Cola accounts and other big accounts also seem to get the same thing.

Meanwhile, accounts of public figures including Elon Musk himself don’t seem to get this ‘Official’ label. This change certainly makes many users confused with Twitter’s steps, why they announced and then deleted and re-displayed features that were removed previously.

Will it change in the future? but let’s see, because currently only company accounts that get the ‘Official’ label, including Twitter, Google, Microsoft and others.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin


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