A few days ago it was reported that there was a Start Menu problem and a number of UWP applications could not be opened properly on the Windows operating system, now this problem has occurred in a number of users running Windows 10 and Windows 11 and of course there are quite a number of users who have complained about a problem. especially those who actively use UWP applications.

Regarding this problem, a while ago, Microsoft finally confirmed this bug and reportedly they are currently carrying out an investigation to fix the problem, you can see the report itself on Microsoft’s page following.

Meanwhile, if the user happens to be hit by this bug and encounters the problem mentioned, there is a mitigation that the user can do independently, namely by deleting install application that integrates with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Calendar.

In addition, Microsoft also recommends that users run multiple scripts described on the Microsoft page following.

Oh yes, previously reported problems regarding system restore which it turned out crashing apps in Windows 11 22H2this problem has also not received a fix so far, but hopefully next month will coincide with cumulative updates month february 2023, Microsoft will soon present a fix.

via: Microsoft

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