Currently, if we want to close a tab in Microsoft Edge, we usually click on the icon close(x) on that tab, this step is not difficult, but unfortunately if many tabs are open, closing the tab is even more difficult because the area displayed is getting narrower and smaller.

Now regarding this, it seems that Microsoft has recently added a feature accessibility new to Microsoft Edge Chromium, where this feature is the ability to close tabs with double click in the tabbed area.

This feature itself has started to be tested for selected users on Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary, where on page edge://settings/accessibility there will be options use double click to close browser tabs.

But friends, even though this feature may be very useful for Microsoft Edge Chromium users, the step of closing tabs with a double click is actually longer than pressing the combination button. ctrl + w in Microsoft Edge Chromium to close the running tab.

So what do you think? have you got this feature? and will you like it? comment below guys.

Via : Reddit, WinAero


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