Rufus has been my favorite app for the last few years, because with Rufus we can easily create usb installer for a variety of existing operating systems, including the ability to perform bypass The notorious Windows 11 is quite unfriendly to hardware long.

Regarding Rufus, some time ago finally version 4.0 was released, which is in this version developers features a number of improvements including fixes to issues with installer Ubuntu 23.04 which was released a few days ago.

In addition, in version 4.0, users who want to use Rufus must at least be using Windows 8 or later and it is available as either a 32 or 64 bit application.

If you’re curious, here is the changelog:

  • Fix persistent partition not working with Ubuntu 23.04 (#2231)
  • Fix out of range pointer error with Ubuntu 23.04 when booting in BIOS mode (#2233)
  • Fix boot freeze with Ubuntu Studio when Secure Boot is enabled (#2210)
  • Fix incorrect architecture detection when checking for updates
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when processing GRUB bootloaders
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when enumerating processes that contain a % sign
  • Fix a Windows Store application crash when using German localization
  • Note that the major version was bumped on account of:
    • New versions of Rufus requiring Windows 8 or later
    • New versions of Rufus defaulting to a 64-bit executable
    • Old versions of Rufus potentially not being able to update properly

So, to get Rufus version 4.0, you can just go to the GitHub page followingthen download the appropriate version with architecture your device’s processor.


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