Besides tomorrow is the last day of the program Extended Security Update for Windows 7, tomorrow will also be the last day Windows 8.1 is supported by Microsoft.

Yes, friends, it doesn’t feel like the OS which was released on November 13 2013 and is the successor to Windows 8 which is said to be a failure because there are no start buttons and icons will end soon, January 10 2023 to be precise will be the end of this OS because after that Microsoft didn’t will bring any updates for this OS, including security updates of course.

At first glance, this OS does indeed get a long update period, but the Mainstream Update itself actually ended on January 9 2018, after which Windows 8.1 no longer got any new features, and five years later, this OS only gets certain security updates. very important for users get.

Will this OS stop working?

The answer is of course no, and just like Windows 7 and even Windows XP itself, we can still use the OS at this time, it’s just that with the end of support for this OS, we won’t get security update again including slowly some important applications will no longer support this OS, guys.

For example, like Microsoft Office, which can no longer get the latest version because the minimum requirement is Windows 10, as well as a number of other applications, such as Google Chrome and others, which will slowly leave this operating system.

But for those of you who might use this OS for Offline purposes such as being a cashier or localhost attendance device, of course this OS still works very well, and is even still quite okay even if used to play games though.

WinPoin Recommendation Upgrade Options

Microsoft of course recommends Windows 8.1 users to update the system to Windows 11, but of course we have to buy some new hardware so that it runs well on Windows 11, considering minimum requirements from Windows 11 itself is quite heavy.

However, WinPoin recommends that you just upgrade to Windows 10, simply by upgrading Storage to an SSD and at least 4 GB of RAM, you can run Windows 10 smoothly without any problems, although of course the performance will not be as smooth as in Windows 8.1, but Windows 10 will still get updates at least until 2025.

So that’s all maybe this short notice, do you still use Windows 8.1? Comment below, guys.

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