Today, Microsoft released a new update for Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel users with Builds 22621 and 22623, where this update is update KB5021304 which, when installed, will change the OS build to Build 22621.1037 & builds 22623.1037.

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So, as usual, the two builds are separated, where Build 22621 has a new feature that users must first activate via ViveTool, and Build 22623 already has a new feature that is active by default.

Then in this update, is there anything new? For new things, maybe it’s the same, where a number of improvements have been presented through this update, one of which is an increase in Voice Access, where there are now more voice commands that users can do, including among others are:

to do this You need to say this
Close the voice access application “Close voice access”, “Exit voice access”, “Quit voice access”
Open a new application “Shows [application name]” , eg, “Show Edge”
Close an application “Exits/Quits [application name]”, eg, “Exit Word”, “Quit Edge”
Show grid overlay on your screen “Show window grids”
Pull up the command help list “Show command list”, “Show commands”
Release a held down key “Release”
Move cursor in a textbox “Move forward 5 characters”, “Go back 2 lines”, “Go to start of document”, “Move to beginning of line”
Select the desired no. of characters/lines “Select forward/backward [count] characters/lines”, eg, “Select forward 5 characters”
Delete selected text or last dictated text “Strike that”
Paste text in a textbox “paste here”, “paste that”
Apply bold formatting to specific text “Boldface [text]”, eg, “boldface hello world”
Capitalize selected text or last dictated text “Cap that”

Now, unfortunately, Voice Access support is still not available in Indonesian, so you need to say it in English.

In addition to Voice Access improvements, there are also a number of other improvements which it includes search on the taskbar which is now the same as what was introduced in Insider Dev yesterday.

An example of different treatments we are trying out for how to search looks on the taskbar.

With upgrades Search on the Taskbar Now you can change the Taskbar settings on the Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Items page.

Apart from that, there are a number of other fixes which as usual are divided into two different parts, namely for Build 22623 which includes:

  • Updated the Quick Settings icons in the taskbar when using a screen reader so if you set focus to each of the icons it no longer includes the words system state and instead just says what the icon is (for example instead of “system volume state” it just says “volume”).
  • Fixed a few more explorer.exe crashes relating to recent taskbar changes.
  • We fixed the issue causing Task Manager to become unresponsive when using the search box at the top of Task Manager.

So, one of them is the improvement of the Task Manager, which if we use it search bar in the application, yesterday’s Task Manager actually became Not Responding and we can’t use it, after you update to Build 22623.1037, the Task Manager is now running normally.

Meanwhile, there are other fixes available for both builds 22621 and 22623 which include:

  • We fixed a known issue that might have affected Task Manager. It might have displayed certain elements in the user interface (UI) in unexpected colors. Some parts of the UI might not have been readable. This issue might have occurred if you had “Choose your mode” set to “Custom” in the Personalization > Colors section of Settings.
  • We fixed an issue that might have affected Data Protection Application Programming Interface (DPAPI) decryption. The decryption of a certificate private key might have failed. Because of that, virtual private network (VPN) and other 802.1 certificate-based authentication might have failed. This issue might have occurred when you encrypted the DPAPI master key with a wrong value.

Then is there known issuesyes, how about it, as usual, there must be, and what Microsoft just found out is known issues through this new update includes:

  • You may see issues with the search box on the taskbar not rendering correctly and displaying visual artifacts. (bug in Search on Taskbar)
  • Filtering by publisher name does not match correctly on the Processes page. (This list and below are Bugs in Task Manager)
  • Some services may not show in the Services page after filtering is applied.
  • If a new process is starting while a filter is set, then that process may appear for a split second in the filtered list.
  • Some dialogs may not render in the correct theme when applied from Task Manager Settings page.
  • The data content area of ​​the Processes page may flash once when theme changes are applied in the Task Manager Settings page.
  • The Startup apps page in Task manager does not list any apps for some Insiders. If you are impacted, please use Settings > Apps > Startup for the time being.

For you Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel users, in my opinion you really have to get this update, considering there are a number of improvements, including improvements search bar in Task Manager Build 22623 which I also feel. To update, you can just slide to the page Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

via: Microsoft

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