Some time ago Microsoft released the latest preview update for the Office Insider Program, where the version presented is version 2206 with Build Number 15330.20114so interestingly in this update there are several new features including support sketchup files, and some support that will really help the industrial design.

Well, more or less like in the picture above, now the file sketchup can be opened directly in Microsoft Office, and not only Word, but Excel and PowerPoint too, in Microsoft Word, there are several capabilities that you can do including, pan and zoom, add animations, and so on.

For users who are struggling with sketchup or designer maybe this feature will be useful, although unfortunately this feature for now is still a preview version.

For those of you who are curious about this feature, you can learn about it on the Microsoft page followingand of course, friends, this version is available not only for Windows, but also for the Mac version, on the version preview Version 16.62 (Build 22052003.


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