Well, maybe you are familiar with a number of applications debloater on GitHub, I have tried some of them and I have written a brief review on Windows Portal Indonesia, well friends, did you know that there is one debloater new one that caught my attention, the name is LoveWindowsAgainbecause the name is unique, of course I became more interested in trying it.

You can download LoveWindowsAgain on the GitHub page followingthe size of this application itself is not large, which is only about 150kb.

LoveWindowsAgain was developed by a built-in developer, and according to its function, this application is intended to remove unnecessary applications in Windows 11. Then what is the difference with ThisIsWin11 which is already popular?, based on the GitHub page of LoveWindowsAgain, this application only removes unimportant features in Windows 11 and trying to fix it with minimal effort.

“Unlike ThisIsWin11 this app will address ONLY unnecessary Windows 11 features and try to fix them with minimal effort..”

First Impression

When I try to open the application for the first time, Windows warns us with Windows Smartscreen and of course because I think this application can be trusted, we can click more options > Run anyway.

Shortly after the application opens, we will be presented with a home screen that explains Windows 11 which does have many useless features and tends to be annoying.

Features Present

Now on the main page, there we can analyze the Windows 11 that we use, where if we click, it will display some information about a number of features and capabilities of Windows 11 that we can improve, for example to increase privacy, and performance.

If we click fix, then all the things in the list of analyze results will be organized and optimized.

Meanwhile, at the bottom, you can see options More tools which this tool is inspired by ThisIsWin11, where it contains a number of features to remove bloatware and others.

What’s more interesting, if we click send feedback to Microsoft, then app feedback hub will open.

And if we choose to delete bloatware then we will also be given another choice, regarding bloatware what are we going to delete.

Actually, for its own features, the LoveWindowsAgain application is very simple, just like how it looks, which is simple, but for those of you who don’t like bloatware in Windows 11, then this application in my opinion is the easiest to use because we only need to click a few times, and everything is done automatically by this application.

Meanwhile, this application runs normally and does not interfere with my Windows 11 system, so I think this application is very safe to use. Again, if you are interested in trying this application, you can download it on the GitHub page following.

A little additional information, This application also runs very well on Windows 10, so please try it guys.


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