The legendary Bliss Wallpaper that always accompanied almost all Windows XP users at that time seems to be back with a new style and high resolution.

The design of Wallpaper Bliss can be said to be the same, only now it comes with more detail and of course the images are clearer and better than before, here is an example.

A little history about the legendary Bliss Wallpaper on Windows XP, Bliss is an unedited photo featuring a blue sky and green hills located in Los Carneros, California, United States. This image caught by American photographer Charles O’Rear in January 1996 using the Mamiya RZ67 camera and later Microsoft bought the rights to it in 2000 which later became the Default Wallpaper on Windows XP in 2001.

How? this wallpaper is nice right? if so and by chance you want to reminisce with this Wallpaper, you can download this Bliss 4K Wallpaper via the Microsoft page following.

Comment below guys and give your opinion, do you like this Bliss wallpaper or is there your favorite wallpaper? share in the comments column below.


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