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Starting Wednesday April 12 2023 yesterday, Microsoft officially said goodbye to the Microsoft Teams Free (Classic) service, where after the set date, users will no longer be able to use the service and access all the chats and media that have been stored there.

Even so, Microsoft has an option if users want to continue accessing their chat, where users can upgrade to a $4.00 per user/month package.

"After April 12, 2023, Microsoft Teams Free (classic), the legacy free Teams app for business, will no longer be available. Upgrading to Microsoft Teams Essentials is the easiest way to continue using Teams and maintain access to all your chats, files, teams, and meetings. Teams Essentials also provides unlimited group meetings for up to 30 hours in length with up to 300 participants per meeting, and 10 GB of cloud storage per user—all for only $4.00 per user/month.1"

However, if users don’t want to pay to keep accessing chat all chats, files and meetings, users can register for the new Microsoft Teams Free service, which this version has a number of features such as unlimited group meetings with each meeting having a duration of 60 minutes and up to 100 users in one session. meeting, besides that each user has a Cloud Storage capacity of 5 Gb, provided that all existing files and chats will not be transferred to the new account.

"If you prefer to continue using a free version of Teams, you may sign up for the new free Teams option. None of your data will transfer, but you’ll be able to view and save the files that are in your current account to another location through April 12, 2023."

Now, for complete information about prices and other packages that you can choose from, you can see the information on the Microsoft page following. But keep in mind that this stop is for Microsoft Teams Classic and not the new Microsoft Teams that comes to Windows 11 by default.

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