It’s a little late to report, but those of you who don’t know should know, because Microsoft released a few days ago new builds for Windows Insider Canary users.

The new build has number 25381, and it’s not just the build number that’s changed, Windows 11 Insider Canary users who have used this build will expect important changes, especially if you use SMB a lot.

Yep, starting this build, all connections that lead to SMB access will be asked to login first, according to Microsoft, this is to increase the security of Windows and Windows Server in a more modern landscape.

New available in the Enterprise version and will be released in its entirety

Please note, this change is only specific to users of Windows 11 Insider Build 25381 Enterprise Edition, but according to Microsoft Principal Program Manager Ned Pyle, this change will start rolling out equally to all editions of Windows 11, including Pro, Educations and Windows Server in some cases. next month.

"Expect this default change for signing to come to Pro, Education, and other Windows editions over the next few months, as well as to Windows Server. Depending on how things go in Insiders, it will then start to appear in major releases." ungkap Microsoft Principal Program Manager Ned Pyle. 

You can see information about this on the release note page following. But in general, that’s the only change that was noted to be present in Windows 11 Insider Canary Build 25381, where the main focus is increasing security on the SMB feature that is often used in companies.

What do you think? have you updated your system? comment below guys.

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