In Windows 11 there is one feature that I like, which is mode focus where this feature will eliminate all notifications and other annoying things that might appear on the Windows screen that we use.

This feature is actually a feature focus assist if we remember back in the era of Windows 10, but in Windows 11, we can manage focus based on the time we set.

Well this feature too, for now depends on the application Alarms & Clock in Windows 11, where besides we can activate the features focus This is from the application, we can also activate it through the page notification sidebar in Windows 11.

Okay, let’s go straight, here are Tips and How to Activate Focus Mode in Windows 11.

Step 1. First please open notification sidebar in Windows 11, you can use the key combination Win + N.

Step 2. Next, please change your focus time limit, for example here I will focus on working for 1 hour, where within that time frame, all notifications will be hidden.

After that, please click the icon Focus in addition to the choice of time.

After that the Clock application will open and Mode Focus Assist has been running.

Running focus mode can also be recognized by the icon bell with addition zz which signifies that notifications will not be displayed or sounded.

Well like in the picture above. Actually, friends, you can also activate this feature through the application Alarms & Clock.

Or from the page Settings > System > Focus Session.

Now this feature is one of the features I like the most in Windows 11, because with this feature we don’t need to manually set the Focus Assist feature like in Windows 10 first.

What do you think? do you like this feature? comment below guys.


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