For you Grand Theft Auto players, maybe you are familiar with GTA V which is quite popular in the last few years, to be honest I also used to buy these games even when the prices were still quite expensive in the market. But for those of you who are lucky, on May 14, 2020, Epic Games for free the games on the platform.

Now about the Grand Theft Auto game, recently Rockstar Games earlier this year confirmed that they were developing the latest version of Grand Theft Auto franchise, which we might be familiar with GTA 6, but before the studio reveals in detail, unfortunately there are a number of leaks of the development of GTA 6, in the form of 90 Gameplay Clips from the build testing games.

In this regard, reportedly the leaker who shared the leak stated that they also have a number of assets and source code from GTA 5 and 6, and maybe they’ll leak more data from those sources.

A number of clips from GTA gameplay may have been shared on several forums, including twitter, and here is one of them.

Well if the recording is official taken from Rockstar servers as acknowledged by leaker or maybe just say hacker because that party has taken and leaked confidential data from the Rockstart studio, then we will probably find the release of GTA 6 being longer, because Rockstar may delete some of the leaked information and replace it so that GTA 6 is more special to be shown to players.

This issue is actually a pretty big deal for Rockstar too, because after all, it’s a massive data breach that will probably have repercussions for the GTA 6 game itself.

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