Some time ago it was reported that Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25201 which brings a number of new features related to Widgets in Windows 11, but did you know that there are three hidden changes that are present in this version and as usual we can activate them using vivetool.

Ok let’s discuss

Rename This PC UI Changes

Rename This PC in Windows 11 currently still uses the old design like in Windows 10, for example as shown in the following image:

Regardless of what theme you use in Windows 11, the Rename This PC display will still carry the same blue background as in Windows 10.

Well by activating changes using vivetool by command vivetool /enable /id:38228963then you will find the display changes to be like in the following image:

Image via : PhantomOfEarth

Date and Time Picker UI Changes

The second is a change in the appearance of the Date and Time Picker that you can access on the page Settings > Time & language > Date & time > Set the date and time manually > Changethe old view is as follows:

And by activating this feature using vivetool by command vivetool /enable /id:39811196then you will get a new view like in the following image:

Search in File Explorer

The third is ability search bar in File Explorer, where by turning on the feature vivetool /enable /id:38665217you will get improvements to the features search bar where the search results will automatically appear when the keyword is being typed and without having to press enter as before.

Now, the previous two changes basically brought the consistency of the appearance of Windows 11 in the Rename This PC section and the Date & time picker which still brought a bit of Windows 10 style, these changes in the future in my opinion must be present in Windows 11.

As for the new abilities search bar in File Explorer, maybe this feature will be useful if the file to be searched is not in a folder containing millions of files in it, because the search results will take a long time.

What do you think? Comment below guys.

Via : PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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