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The camera application embedded on a laptop or tablet with Windows OS can of course be used to take photos and videos, but that’s all it does. But uFortunately, Microsoft is rumored to be bringing new features soon for those of you who are using Windows 11.

Based on information from Windows BlogvThe camera version 2022.2206.2.0 which has been released to Windows Insiders for Windows 11 OS is reported to be able to ‘scan’ documents and whiteboards — much like today’s mobile-based document scanner applications. But that’s not all, this app too can recognize and scan QR codes and barcodes!

That way, you no longer need a third-party camera application to scan QR codes or barcodes, because now your PC camera application is equipped with these features.

Besides that, Microsoft has also updated the UI of the camera to better match the feel of Windows 11. Indeed not too different from the current app, but at least the camera app design in Windows 11 is much better than the one in Windows 10.

Oh yes, the latest information also says that an update will also be present for Media Player in Windows 11, including the ability to rip CDs.


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