Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25300 does bring quite a lot of changes, apart from now The Ability to Show Seconds in the System Tray is Now Back in Build 25300and even exist New Snap Layout in Windows 11 Insider Build 25300it turns out that we can also activate the option to create a Virtual Harddisk directly from the Settings page with simple steps as described in the article following.

Besides that, friends, it turns out that there is one more additional feature that we can activate through ViveTool, namely the ability to set default keyboard layout through the Settings page in Windows 11.

Now, as shown in the picture above, later we can easily adjust the keyboard layout directly from the Settings page, and with that we no longer need the old settings via the Control Panel.

This new capability itself is starting to be presented in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25300, but as usual we have to activate it first via ViveTool which we open Via Command Prompt as Administrator > then proceed by entering the following command:

vivetool /enable /id:34912776

Once this capability is activated, we will find the Keyboard option on the Settings > Time & language > Keyboard page as shown in the image above.

But of course, for those of you who use two or more keyboard layoutsusing the Win + Spacebar key combination is faster to switch between layouts than having to go through the Settings page first.

What do you think about this ability? comment below guys.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)

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