Microsoft Excel is indeed one of the applications spreadsheets the most widely used, this is because Microsoft Office products have been part of offices for a long time.

And regarding Microsoft Excel, friends, recently Microsoft will present a new feature called Automated Tabs, where this feature will allow Excel users to take advantage of Power Automate to manage and schedule office scripts.

In addition, this feature will also offer connectors for Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint and allow users to be more productive and focus on functionality rather than configuration. Now regarding this feature itself, for now Tab Automate is only available in Excel for Web, but now Microsoft is slowly launching its Desktop version on Windows and Mac.

This feature, which has been part of the preview since October 2022, may indeed not be known to general users, considering that this feature is exclusive to those who have an E3 or E5 commercial license for Microsoft 365.

So, what do you think about this feature? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft

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